New Website Goes Live!

So after nearly four months of designing, selecting, photographing, editing, uploading & writing content, our new website is now live! Here’s a few images from it. Do check it out if you get the chance. We’d love to hear what you think!


New attic website on it’s way soon!

Some of you may notice that is a holding page at our main website urls – & Well, that’s because for the past few months we’ve been working on a brand spanking shiney, sparkly new buy online website (actually it’s not sparkly – we don’t really do sparkly. Or shiney!) Anyway, we’re very excited about it and very proud too, it’s looking fantastic and totally reflects what we’re about. We’ve been working with Shine Marketing ( who are also based in Hampton Hill. A great bunch of guys with their collective finger on the e-commerce pulse. It’ll be a few days before the new website goes live, so bear with us, it won’t be long. But definitely worth waiting for……


Four days in Florence (Pt.1)

At the beginning of May we managed to get away for a long weekend. So we headed to the beautiful Tuscan city of Florence, (Firenze).

Over the years, so many people have told us that we would love it.
Well they weren’t wrong.
We were also told it never rains in Florence. That is untrue. When we arrived on the Saturday it was chucking it down. Really, really chucking it down.
It didn’t bode well for the trip, but luckily the next few days were… well, perfect really. Warm and sunny, but not too hot.
Anyway, to sum up Florence in a few words:  Architecture, culture, wine, style, great coffee, friendly waiters (on the whole), old narrow streets, museums, old shop/restaurant signage, historic pharmacies, wonderful handmade paper/stationery shops, and oh yeah, great front doors!
That last one’s a bit unusual i know but go with it.
Anyway,we’ll let the photos do (most) of the talking…
The fabulous Riva lofts, where we stayed. Lovely staff and free bikes to borrow!
Quite a treat………
Wonderful old Kodak branded gift shop…..
Abandoned cinema……….
We were really struck by the cool old signage everywhere in Florence…..
The shutters and aged patina of the walls……
Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella, absolutely stunning skin care & toiletries packaging…
We became a little obsessed with apartment block entrances and antique brass doorknobs. I know. A bit odd…..
Stand alone photo booth…..
View from up at the Giardino Della Rose – is simply stunning. Bit of a walk though!…….
 Old entrance door buzzers are everywhere……
Most wonderful artists supply store ‘Zecchi’. Has been there for years and has supplied some of the old masters over the years…….

Shops now swapped!

Well, the big moves are (pretty much) complete now. The two shops are now firmly ensconced in their new homes. As for us well, we’re pretty much in a daze at the moment….. swapping the shops was a far bigger job than we imagined. Blood, sweat and tears. However, the response has been overwhelming, with nearly everyone loving the new layout. We have had some truly wonderful words from some of our lovely customers and friends. Makes it all worth it!

So, anyway for those who simply can’t wait to get here (or are unable, due to geography)) here’s a taster:


Here’s a few photos from the furniture shop….






Sorry folks, the typewriters are display only…’s the medical cabinet that’s for sale. I know we’re such a tease!!l

And here’s a few from the gifts and accessories shop…..


Fantastic new home-wares section…

A whole new section devoted to wrapping paper…..



We’ve greatly increased our range of frames.

And jewellery has become even more enticing with some fab new fixtures from Al’s workshop….

Men’s gifts….

Our usual great selection of cards, gifts and tags. And simply loads of decorative Christmas ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re now open every day until Christmas, (Mon – Sat, 10-5.30pm, Sundays 12-4pm)

 Come and see for yourself! We’d love to see you.