Paris – New York (Pt 1)

Well, we’re half way through our buying trips now. We’ve had shows/fairs in & around London and recently returned from Paris. Without sounding cliched, we discover something new about this wonderful city every time we go there. I guess it’s the same with every great city. Anyway, here’s a few photos we took that will be going on our mood board for the coming season. We took a fair few pics in the Louvre – If you’re even slightly interested in art, architecture, or history, it really is stunning, well worth checking out. And absolutely huge! You really need a whole day to explore it properly. So here’s some things that inspired us………..


James Brown

We don’t tend to sell much art.  Not because we don’t want to, we’ve tried in the past, but nothing has really worked in the context of our shops. There has been work we have liked but it’s been more suited to a gallery type environment. Then we discovered James Brown….We’ve been selling James Brown’s wonderful  screen-prints for a while now. We love his use of bold graphic designs, coupled with vintage styling. Right up our street!

Here’s a bit about him (taken from his website)………..

“James Brown is an illustrator and printmaker, living and working in London. Trained as a textile and surface print designer, James worked in the clothing industry for 10 years producing print designs for numerous fashion brands from Levis to Louis Vuitton. James has been commissioned to produce work by publishing houses, magazines and newspapers and advertising and design agencies. Recent clients include GQ,  Random House, The Guardian and The Poetry Society. Alongside his commercial practice (  James produces limited edition screen prints and linocuts. James’ prints reflects his interest in the printed and typographic ephemera of  pop culture. The traditional processes that go into the production of James’ prints are very important.”

We stock a selection of James’ work. They range in price from £40 – £130, (framed in classic black frames) some are Limited Editions.

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