New attic website on it’s way soon!

Some of you may notice that is a holding page at our main website urls – & Well, that’s because for the past few months we’ve been working on a brand spanking shiney, sparkly new buy online website (actually it’s not sparkly – we don’t really do sparkly. Or shiney!) Anyway, we’re very excited about it and very proud too, it’s looking fantastic and totally reflects what we’re about. We’ve been working with Shine Marketing ( who are also based in Hampton Hill. A great bunch of guys with their collective finger on the e-commerce pulse. It’ll be a few days before the new website goes live, so bear with us, it won’t be long. But definitely worth waiting for……



1 thought on “New attic website on it’s way soon!

  1. I really love the new website! We are two-and-a-half-weeks into our new life in Atlanta and it’s so great to get a little dose of Attic from so far away. I’m excited about the possibility of mail order, although the cost to the USA is probably prohibitive. I brought a True Grace Wild Mint candle and some fragranced leaves in our air freight and they have been lovely to put in our new house. The leaves may be feasible to post I guess as they are so light.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of homeware stores they have over here!!!


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