Shop re-openings, (update)

Just to let you know, things are taking a little longer than we anticipated, with the great attic ‘shop swaps’……

We will now be reopening the gift/accessories shop on Friday 28th October and the furniture shop will reopen on Saturday 29th.

Apologies to anyone making a special visit. Bear with us, it’ll be worth the wait!!

See you soon.




(Not so) Muliti-Coloured Swap Shop

Just to give you a heads up on what’s going on at the moment. We are making some exciting changes to our shops in Hampton Hill.

We’ve decided to ‘swap shops’. This Sunday (22nd Oct) – Tuesday, the furniture shop (38 High Street) will be moved to the gifts & accessories shop (34-36 High Street) and the gifts & accessories shop will then reside in the furniture shop premises.

 Here’s why……

  Due to increasing trade in the gifts & accessories side of our business, there is a strong need for more space. There will be more room to create better displays/visuals and we can merchandise the stock in such a way that products will have their own space. It will hopefully be a far more relaxed environment as well, so we can provide a better shopping experience with more room to offer the customer, services such as gift wrapping etc.

 Although the open space of the current furniture shop is fantastic, we have always felt that the original site (34-36) worked better. The layout of the original shop is far better suited to furniture.  It is made up of individual, smaller rooms, which will enable us to create more inspiring rooms and interiors collections. Hopefully it will be easier for customers to imagine the furniture in their own homes. We’ll be able to group together home office, living and kitchen/dining in a far more coherent way, giving each area more clarity.

 So that’s the plan. As I said we’ll be closed this Sunday (as usual), but we’ll also be closed this Monday, Tuesday and maybe Wednesday. Re-opening on Thursday 27th October. Check back to this blog on Tuesday, for updates. We’ll let you know the definite re-opening day.

 By the way, we’ll also be opening on Sunday, from November 6th, until Christmas, 12 – 4pm

James Brown

We don’t tend to sell much art.  Not because we don’t want to, we’ve tried in the past, but nothing has really worked in the context of our shops. There has been work we have liked but it’s been more suited to a gallery type environment. Then we discovered James Brown….We’ve been selling James Brown’s wonderful  screen-prints for a while now. We love his use of bold graphic designs, coupled with vintage styling. Right up our street!

Here’s a bit about him (taken from his website)………..

“James Brown is an illustrator and printmaker, living and working in London. Trained as a textile and surface print designer, James worked in the clothing industry for 10 years producing print designs for numerous fashion brands from Levis to Louis Vuitton. James has been commissioned to produce work by publishing houses, magazines and newspapers and advertising and design agencies. Recent clients include GQ,  Random House, The Guardian and The Poetry Society. Alongside his commercial practice (  James produces limited edition screen prints and linocuts. James’ prints reflects his interest in the printed and typographic ephemera of  pop culture. The traditional processes that go into the production of James’ prints are very important.”

We stock a selection of James’ work. They range in price from £40 – £130, (framed in classic black frames) some are Limited Editions.

Spread the word words.


A month or so ago, one July Sunday, D and I went up to the Southbank during the festival of Britain weekend.

While we were up there, we took the opportunity to rummage /browse round the many vintage stalls that were pitched up there. We can never resist, mainly because you never ever know what you’re going to find. It was mainly fashion and accessories, but there was a fair amount of furniture, homewares and general ‘collectables’.

For example, i picked up three mint condition original vinyl Beatles albums for a very reasonable price. One of which (Sgt Peppers) i’ve been looking for for many years. That kept me happy for the rest of the day!!

Anyway, as we were about to leave, we chanced upon this particular stall that was selling a bit of everything and we spotted this……

On first inspection we thought it was a quirky old correspondence case,  we particularly liked the “Boomps-a-Daisy’ nursery rhyme (we’re always a sucker for graphics/typography) As we looked at it closer D said “That’d make a great ipad case” (we’d been looking for an ipad case with a difference for some time) So, without knowing the exact size or whether it would fit, we took a punt and handed over a crisp £20 note to the grateful stall holder.

Later that evening, we tried it out for size.

Low and behold….. fitted perfectly.

Serendipity indeed.

Ain’t that the coolest thing.