Shops now swapped!

Well, the big moves are (pretty much) complete now. The two shops are now firmly ensconced in their new homes. As for us well, we’re pretty much in a daze at the moment….. swapping the shops was a far bigger job than we imagined. Blood, sweat and tears. However, the response has been overwhelming, with nearly everyone loving the new layout. We have had some truly wonderful words from some of our lovely customers and friends. Makes it all worth it!

So, anyway for those who simply can’t wait to get here (or are unable, due to geography)) here’s a taster:


Here’s a few photos from the furniture shop….






Sorry folks, the typewriters are display only…’s the medical cabinet that’s for sale. I know we’re such a tease!!l

And here’s a few from the gifts and accessories shop…..


Fantastic new home-wares section…

A whole new section devoted to wrapping paper…..



We’ve greatly increased our range of frames.

And jewellery has become even more enticing with some fab new fixtures from Al’s workshop….

Men’s gifts….

Our usual great selection of cards, gifts and tags. And simply loads of decorative Christmas ideas you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re now open every day until Christmas, (Mon – Sat, 10-5.30pm, Sundays 12-4pm)

 Come and see for yourself! We’d love to see you.


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