A month or so ago, one July Sunday, D and I went up to the Southbank during the festival of Britain weekend.

While we were up there, we took the opportunity to rummage /browse round the many vintage stalls that were pitched up there. We can never resist, mainly because you never ever know what you’re going to find. It was mainly fashion and accessories, but there was a fair amount of furniture, homewares and general ‘collectables’.

For example, i picked up three mint condition original vinyl Beatles albums for a very reasonable price. One of which (Sgt Peppers) i’ve been looking for for many years. That kept me happy for the rest of the day!!

Anyway, as we were about to leave, we chanced upon this particular stall that was selling a bit of everything and we spotted this……

On first inspection we thought it was a quirky old correspondence case,  we particularly liked the “Boomps-a-Daisy’ nursery rhyme (we’re always a sucker for graphics/typography) As we looked at it closer D said “That’d make a great ipad case” (we’d been looking for an ipad case with a difference for some time) So, without knowing the exact size or whether it would fit, we took a punt and handed over a crisp £20 note to the grateful stall holder.

Later that evening, we tried it out for size.

Low and behold….. fitted perfectly.

Serendipity indeed.

Ain’t that the coolest thing.