Paris – New York (Pt2)

It’s gotta be said, normally when we visit Nyc, one of the down sides is, it’s usually freezing. I mean really freezing. However for this trip, the weather couldn’t have been better.  Blue skies, bright sunshine and really mild temperatures. Like spring time in England. Perfect really. Little did we know however, what was waiting for us when we got back….. Anyway, we kind of thought after Paris it would be hard to beat, but no, it was as good. Better in many ways. The reasons being in no particular order:  (1) The hotel was fantastic; a new hotel that borders Soho, West Village & Tribeca. It made getting around to the parts of the city that we love, easy. (2) The weather, the light was amazing for taking photos. (3) The flea market finds we bought and filled our suitcases with. (4) The food/new restaurants. If you’re ever anywhere near The Ace Hotel, stop by The Breslin and have lamb burgers. Awesome. Very cool place indeed.(5) Lastly, the trade show was fantastic too. We weren’t expecting to buy much, but we found such great stuff this time we couldn’t help ourselves! We’ll let you know more about that over the next few months. Meanwhile here’s some snaps we took…….

The hotel…

The view from the hotel….

Flea markets…

Walking back from the Javitz centre…..

View from inside ‘Restoration Hardware’….. Possibly my favourite store in NY.

‘ABC’ Always worth a visit when in NY….


Meatpacking district (Chelsea)…


9/11 Memorial. Breathtaking…….

Radio City Music Hall. Can’t walk past without taking at least a dozen photos…..

Cab ride back to JFK….

We’ll be posting more photos from these trips on our tumblr pages over the next few weeks.


New In…..

Hopefully everyone is fully refreshed after Christmas! It’s already the middle of January and we’re pretty much back in the swing of it now and getting ready for the buying season ahead. Over the next few weeks we have trips/trade shows in New York, Paris & London (only up the road i know, but still, it is London!) Birmingham for a couple of days too….. So, loads of goodies to tempt you with over the next few months. Keep checking in here, we’ll keep you posted about new collections as we get them in! In the meantime, here’s a few new vintage pieces we’ve just finished & ready for sale!


A month or so ago, one July Sunday, D and I went up to the Southbank during the festival of Britain weekend.

While we were up there, we took the opportunity to rummage /browse round the many vintage stalls that were pitched up there. We can never resist, mainly because you never ever know what you’re going to find. It was mainly fashion and accessories, but there was a fair amount of furniture, homewares and general ‘collectables’.

For example, i picked up three mint condition original vinyl Beatles albums for a very reasonable price. One of which (Sgt Peppers) i’ve been looking for for many years. That kept me happy for the rest of the day!!

Anyway, as we were about to leave, we chanced upon this particular stall that was selling a bit of everything and we spotted this……

On first inspection we thought it was a quirky old correspondence case,  we particularly liked the “Boomps-a-Daisy’ nursery rhyme (we’re always a sucker for graphics/typography) As we looked at it closer D said “That’d make a great ipad case” (we’d been looking for an ipad case with a difference for some time) So, without knowing the exact size or whether it would fit, we took a punt and handed over a crisp £20 note to the grateful stall holder.

Later that evening, we tried it out for size.

Low and behold….. fitted perfectly.

Serendipity indeed.

Ain’t that the coolest thing.