Parlez vous Anglais?

We go over to Paris twice a year and every time, before we go, we always start to wonder about whether we’ll get out of it as much as we hope.  We wonder if we’re going to find the right products for the season, new products, new suppliers and probably most important of all…we hope we’ll be inspired. Well, as usual we needn’t have worried. The trip was fantastic on all fronts.

Anyway, the plan now, is to get the right stock in at the right time, which can be frustrating when dealing with some continental suppliers. They tend to do things their way, whether you like it or not. C’est la vie! It’s always worth it when it arrives though, and by the way, the new stock will start coming in, in a couple of weeks and continue coming in up until December. We’ll be posting some of it here, so watch this space.

Couple of great places for lunch…………..

As planned, we had a day to wander round the city, and the highlights, in no particular order were:

Tea at Merci…..

Wonder at Dayrolle

The allure of the flea markets …

……..for Deb it was discovering new boutiques in the Marais. And for me, it was finding these little Pathe baby film rolls featuring Charlie Chaplin movies!

Now if only I had something to play them on…………


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